To Machine, or not to Machine

Today, the racing kart engine world is loaded with lots of names, decals, and facebook pages. Some look really impressive, others are excellent photographers, and others have an unbelievable price on their engines. Let me take a minute to help you see through the smoke.

With that said, there are lots of quality builders throughout this country. Most all of these builders are friends of mine, and many we do work for. These builders all share a common trait, they machine and build their engines, anyone that does not perform machine work is not an engine builder, they are an engine assembler, same thing you can do yourself.

Today’s racing engine takes machine work, PRECISION machine work, lots of precision machine work to make it perform at the highest level. Otherwise you are making an assumption that your engine came from China race ready missing a few parts,,,,,,,,,you and I know much better than that.

When making your choice on a builder, look at the machinery and tooling used, is it the same stuff used 25 years ago? Or is it on par with the technology used in the highest forms of motorsports.

JRPW has invested more into technology, machinery, and tooling over the last number of years than most all the rest of the small engine world combined. This, along with our over 38 years of machining experience and over 27 years building racing engines, makes the choice extremely clear.

Take a look at our shop, our machinery, and our processes, I am 100% confident you will agree too.

Keep the pedal Down!


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